Estimating Diagnostic Imaging Space Based on the Number of Procedure Rooms

Sometimes a preliminary space estimate is needed to evaluate location alternatives, conduct a feasibility study, or develop a preliminary cost estimate for construction or renovation. Once the number of procedure rooms is determined, an estimate of the total footprint required for the diagnostic imaging suite can be made using the range of DGSF (DGSM) per procedure room shown in this post.

These space ranges include a portion of the patient intake area and staff/administrative space that may be shared among modalities. The lower value should be used for larger suites where economies of scale can be realized. The higher value should be used for suites with a smaller number of procedure rooms. An overall range of 850 to 950 DGSF (79.0 to 88.3 DGSM) per procedure room can be used for a multi-modality outpatient diagnostic imaging center.

Modality/Procedure Estimated DGSF (DGSM)
Per Procedure Room
Radiography/Fluoroscopy 800 to 1,000 (74.3 to 92.9)
Mammography 750 t0 850 (69.7 to 79.0)
Computed Tomography (CT) 1,200 to 1,500 (111.5 to 139.4)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 1,400 to 1,700 (130.1 to 157.9)
Ultrasound 600 to 700 (55.7 to 65.0)
Nuclear Medicine 1,200 to 1,600 (111.5 to 148.6)

Note: Department gross square feet/meters (DGSF/DGSM) represents the footprint of a department or functional component and includes the net area of the individual rooms as well as the space occupied by internal circulation corridors, walls/partitions, and minor utility shafts. More detailed information can be found in the SpaceMed Guide.

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